As an independent consultant in the Namibian upstream petroleum industry, I sought out the opportunity to establish Antila with three other strong women in the sector because we realized that international companies operating from abroad needed real time representation in country to deal with ad-hoc situations as they arise. We decided to venture out on our own  to provide our prospective clients with the complete solutions services, namely; market entry, business development, logistics, administrative support and corporate events management.  

We make up a team of exceptionally skilled and professional coordinators who believe that our clients deserve the most professional representation of their business in their absence. Ours is a team that understands that time is a critical currency of success or failure in our industry. Having worked with both local and international companies in our respective roles over the years, we aim for our clients to always be informed about situations that affect their business within the target country and the region at large, to help maximize their investment returns in Sub-Saharan Africa. 

At Antila, we task ourselves to ensure that we remove any bottleneck you may encounter by taking on the full responsibility of providing you with all the necessary information and feedback to enable you to operate from abroad successfully. Given the time it takes to get to your target African country from your respective locations and the travel costs involved, we guarantee you peace of mind knowing that your interests are well managed and represented. 

Our success is underpinned by our unique and vast experiences in the Sub-Saharan African business terrain, excellent network of relationships with key decision makers and a provision of quality service of tailor-made services based on mutual-agreement with each client. This sets us among the best qualified in this line of business in Africa and gives us an enviable track-record in this notoriously demanding and challenging sector. 

Ours is a detailed, reliable, and efficient service guaranteeing your constant peace of mind.