About Us

Who we are

Antila is an afrocentric business development network and market entry consultancy firm. Our entire focus is founded on a genuine desire to assist clients with special interest in the Sub-saharan African region.  

We have an initial focus around the oil and gas sector and have developed an in-depth understanding of our clients’ businesses. We are, therefore able to deliver innovative services and efficient tailor-made services that anticipate their needs. Our strategic sector focus sets us apart and enables us to provide assistant services in the processes involved in operating a company in the oil and gas sector within the Sub-saharan African region.


 Our mission is to offer real time and relevant support to our clients and partners in their quest to establish a strong presence within the Sub-saharan African region in an efficient, timeous and cost effective manner. In delivering on our promises, we strive to maintain high levels of professionalism and ethics at all times. 


 Antila strives to establish itself as one of Sub-saharan Africa's leading conduits to investors seeking to enter the African markets through continuous effort, professionalism and dedication to results.   

We strive to deliver only benchmark value-adding business services in the onshore, offshore and marine industries in Sub-saharan Africa. 

Antila consultancy will prove to be the best outfit to assist leading international corporations in attaining growth and creating long term value in the oil and gas sector.